Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Rain

I love the rain.
The way it tickles the little hairs on your face and arms, sparking all the senses, reminding you that you're alive.

London - Part 2

 Shoreditch Nights
 Primrose Hill
 Pimms in Hyde Park round 2
 Green Park
 Tower of London
 Camden Lock
 Pimms in Hyde Park
 Trafalgar Square
 Tower Bridge
 Buckingham Palace
 Torture Chamber in Tower Hill
 Camden Lock
 Tower Bridge
 Tower of London
 Tower of London
 Buckingham Palace
 Feminist statue in Trafalgar Square
 Tower Bridge
 Sun setting over Hyde Park
 Tower of London
Tower of London - Where the Crown Jewels are kept (below) and the people guarding them (above)
The first thing we did on day four was get the train to Abbey Road, which sadly is just a road that people drive down daily, and I'm sure get annoyed daily by the constant stream of tourists constantly stopping the flow of traffic. On the way to Portobello Road we were approached by a lady who invited us to a kinky fetish party for that evening. We regretfully declined. She left us with her online fetish details 'just in case'. Portobello Road was beautiful, but covered in garbage which was a bit sad. There's a wonderful Turkish jeweler on Portobello Road which I purchased an amazing ring and evil eye bracelet, if you're in the area I thoroughly recommend a look in his shop. We got the tube to Westminster and saw Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament with the millions of other people who had the same idea as us. As the sights are spread along The Thames, we thought it would be a great idea to rent bikes. It wasn't. I was almost squashed 50 times in a 20 metre space. We ended up inside the Houses of Parliament which were originally built in 1022 and listened to what I'm sure was some crucial British politics. Across the road at Westminster Abbey they wanted £18, for entry, so we looked on from the outside. We went to the corner of Downing Street, also a let down as you can't see a thing! We then walked to Trafalgar Square where we saw the giant blue cock statue. On the way back to our lodgings we stopped at Kings Cross and got another Harry Potter photo. Another evening of Pret for dinner.
Day five brought with a trip to the clinic to ensure my friend Madeleine (whom I originally met last year in Buenos Aires, Argentina) could secure her Australian working visa. Incidentally, she got the visa!!! Post clinic, we celebrated with Pret and Starbucks for breakfast, healthy as always. Another day spent checking off the main sights, The Tower of London, Tower Hill, Tower Bridge. I didn't realise that the Tower of London wasn't actually a prison, but rather a palace. The Beefeaters are amazing at their job, take a look at the YouTube link below for a cyber tour. After a morning browsing The Crown Jewels (on a private tour), we stopped at Pret again to refuel. I'm starting to see a pattern... After an afternoon spent riding through Hyde Park and digesting more pimms, we perused the massive menagerie that is Harrods. Pret again for dinner, washed down with jugs of cocktails. We headed out to Shoreditch which made for a fun night. I don't remember too much other than dancing like all my bones were dislocated and drinking like liquids were being eradicated from the earth. Post club, we headed back to some new friends place and continued the merriment until 6am.
My last full day in London was spent shopping. After starting the day off right with McDonalds, we got completely lost in the maze of a Topshop at Oxford Circus then followed it up by heading to H&M, Riverisland, Primark, Mango and Nike. We graced Pret with our presence again for lunch. The last meal in London was at a disappointing Vietnamese restaurant in Kings Cross. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

London - Part 1

1st September - 6th September
 Houses of Parliament in the background
 Street Art in Notting Hill
 Kings Cross Station
 Portobello Road
 Regents Park
 Kings Cross Station
 Abbey Road
 Westminister Abbey 
 Big Ben
 Banky's Artwork in Notting Hill
Arriving in beautiful sunny London was a confusing experience. The place I was staying was difficult to find, and when I found the place, there was a man passed out on the doorstep with security fast approaching. 
I spent my first day looking through the eccentric Brick Lane Markets and getting distracted by the street art (when I was being hit by an elderly gent with his walking stick). I purchased two polaroid prints and two Banky copies while tasting all the local delights, from salted caramel ice cream and brownie to fruit juice and gozleme. While I was chowing down on some Turkish food I met two wonderful girls who had recently moved to London, after a lifetime of living around the globe with their parents. 
The next day I ticked off a few of the larger tourist attractions; Buckingham Palace, Green Park (where I had a Pret picnic lunch with a nice New Zealand girl I met), rode bikes around Hyde Park and indulged in some Pimms at the lakehouse, walked through Mayfair and saw The Ritz, went shopping at Picidilly Circus and saw Leicester Square, stopped by Louboutin and purchased some beautiful specimens for my feet, browed Harvey Nicholls and saw Platform 9 3/4. I capped the night off having delicious dinner at Jamie's Italian with my new friend. 
On my third day in London I walked through the endless Camden Markets, leaving with a stomach full of churros and paella, four shirts, a belt and makeup bag. I then walked from Camden to Primrose Hill after a recommendation from the girls I met on my first day as you can see all of London from there. I lost myself walking through London afterwards, then hired a bike and rode through Marylebone and and Kensington. The evening brought with it my travel companion Madeleine! We attempted to go out this first evening but failed by every sense of the word. After being accosted by drunks in Camden (not the merry kind) and running to a Supermarket where we were also badgered, we got on bikes and rode to Picidilly where men were trying to bribe us into their clubs. Deciding to give up, we ended up at trusty McDonalds.